Greener Pastures Indeed


When I started my blog Greener Pastures in Luxembourg I came up with the name because my backyard is actually a green pasture. And, aren’t we all looking for greener pastures.  I have the luck to now live in a beautiful country where the city and the country blend together into a quilt of cosmopolitan and provencial. The city bus rumbles by on Rue Kohlenberg in front of our house every 20 minutes and my kitchen overlooks a pasture. A block from my house is a path that wanders through fields of wheat and corn. During the weekdays I see dozens of people jog by our house onto the path, passing cows on their midday jog. Where else in the world can you find something as eclectic as this?


During my French class today the professor asked us to share why we like Luxembourg. The students, all middle aged and from countries around the world, all agreed that Luxembourg is cosmopolitan, calm, safe, friendly and is home to people from around the world. They shared how Luxembourg is open to people from other countries and how everyone stops to talk and get to know each other, something that doesn’t often happen in their own countries. I have to say that most of the people in my class are quite happy to be in Luxembourg. They come from countries like Italy, Spain, Romania, Japan, Turkey, Argentina and Germany, to name a few. I am still getting to know some of the students but we all feel equal and comfortable in our class. We speak in staccato, awkward French and explain our ideas as best we can about current events and where we come from and why we are here. Each of us is living in a foreign country, learning a new language and hoping to find greener pastures. I think perhaps that many of us have found our greener pastures.


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