Just Two Hours from Brussels but Safe

For those of my friends and family that are concerned about our families welfare living in Europe – Don’t worry! I feel perfectly safe. Yes, it is a travesty what is happening, but nothing new … as outlined in the shared post below… all over the world, not just Europe … these suicide bombings are happening … there are coups.


People display a solidarity banner in Brussels following bomb attacks in Brussels, Belgium, March 22, 2016. The banner reads “I am Brussels” in French and in Flemish languages. Charles Platiau/Reuters

I made a new friend a couple of weeks ago who is a doctor from the Congo in Africa. She moved to Belgium for University (still has family there) and most recently lived in London for five years and now Luxembourg for the last year. We met again today and shared our plans for vacations in the next couple of weeks and discussed current events. She is still going to Turkey for vacation despite the bombing in Instanbul because it can happen anywhere. She is not worried about her parents or brother and sister who life in Belgium. She has no plans to cancel her vacation and said we cannot run away scared because it could happen anywhere at any time. We must live our lives and not give in to the terrorists.

These things happen every day in Africa and on a smaller scale throughout the world. But in America it is so hyped when it happens in an anglo saxon country (or Europe) that everyone is told to be afraid. I try not to follow the American news too much because it makes me said. Especially this morning, when I saw that there was an alert out in America to “Not travel to Europe.” Seriously, does America know how big Europe is? Let’s stop the fear mongering and take care of the real problems .. which are plenty… that America has.

We are going to Mallorca, Spain during our Spring Break in a couple of days, we will travel through Paris on our way to Bordeaux to see family later this spring and we plan on traveling north through Belgium (just 20 minutes from home) and the Netherlands and Norway this summer. This will not stop us from exploring and seeing the world and all the beauty and people that it has to offer. We will continue to live, laugh and love instead of putting up walls and cowering in our home.


One thought on “Just Two Hours from Brussels but Safe

  1. I so agree with you, being afraid of doing anything is what they want. I went to brussels at christmas and some people said were you not afraid ? afraid of what……. we can’t stop living or they will win.


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