The Beauty of Bacharach, Germany



Our friends the Westerbeck’s from Kenmore, Washington, started a three-week trip to Europe this week. We had the pleasure of joining them at the beginning of their adventure in Bacharach, Germany. Bacharach is a two-hour drive from Luxembourg. We traveled through the rural countryside of Luxembourg through Trier, Germany, and the landscape became more hilly as we drove. The rivers and hills of vines made the two-hour drive go by rather fast. As we got closer to Bacharach we drove into a forest with hairpin turns and beautiful, looming hills. The view coming out of the forest overlooking Bacharach and the Rhine river is just breathtaking.

Bacharach is a small town on the Rhine river with a quaint, Old World charm. There are narrow cobbled streets and quaint timber houses surrounded by fortified walls and hillsides filled with grapevines. The river is majestic in its own right as it flows from the Swiss Alps in the south to Cologne, Germany and eventually Holland in the north. There are ferries and barges constantly floating by the riverfront park.

We arrived at lunchtime and had a wonderful meal at Kleines Brauhaus, an old theater and outdoor carousel that was made into a beer garden and restaurant. We had a very nice meal overlooking the river.

bacharachrainbow2After having the local beer and wine it was time for a short nap for the kids at Hotel am Markt at the center of the village. Our family room was light and airy and a wonderful place to stay. Our friends stayed at the Hotel-Pension Im Malerwinkel that has beautiful gardens (pictures below) and set at the edge of the hill built into the fortifications of the city.

The afternoon and evening we spent exploring the town and hiking up hillsides for amazing views of the city. We were lucky enough to catch a rainbow after a few minutes of rain. The kids decided to take a quick dip in the Rhine River. For dinner we had a wonderful evening tasting local wine, eating local sausage and sharing our travel stories.

Although we would have loved to stay, we traveled back to Luxembourg the next morning as our friends made their way to Austria.



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