The Quest to Get My Luxembourg Driver’s License

luxlicenseMoving to Luxembourg has some quite interesting hurdles. One of them is getting your driver’s license. You can drive with your original license but must apply for a Luxembourg license within 12 months of arrival if you are a non-European citizen. If you don’t get it before one year of residency you have to pay big bucks to take a driving class and test.  So, at the beginning of June I started my quest for the Grande-Duché de Luxembourg  Permis de Conduire.

You must get quite a few documents together and it is quite a feat.


First I made an appointment with my general practitioner and friend Dr. Nana Ikoko. You need a health certificate (certificat médical). It is a pretty in-depth exam and you pee in a cup to make sure you don’t have diabetes. It will take about 30 minutes and cost €60, which is not reimbursed.

Next I made an appointment with the American Embassy for an Affidavit that states that I haven’t had a criminal record within the last five years. Since the embassy is only open one day a week in the afternoon during the summer,  I was lucky to get an appointment only a week later. This was actually the most time-consuming part of the process. I arrived at the embassy with an appointment. Myself and three other people had to wait outside for 15 minutes for them to let us in.


We went through a medal detector and then were escorted by a security guard to the administration office. Once there we had to wait an additional 15 minutes for the lady to come back from lunch. When it was my turn I went up to the window and was asked if I had a criminal record and put up my hand to swear upon it. After one minute of basic questions I was back in the waiting room waiting for the signed Affidavit, which took another 10 minutes. There is no official background check by the embassy, just your word. I was then escorted back to the entrance and was on my way. It took about an hour and cost €50.


The next day I was off to Bierger-Center in the city center. Here I needed to take a ticket and wait my turn, thankfully only 10 minutes. Here I needed to get a certified copy of my driver’s license front and back and a Certificate of Residence (Certificat de Résidence), as well as a copy of my Carte d’identité (Luxembourg ID card) and a copy of my passport. This only cost a few euros.


Just a five minute walk is the Cité Judiciaire, where I received the Bulletin No. 2 Casier Judiciaire that showed that I had no criminal record in Luxembourg.

I rounded out the day with the last piece of documentations, a photo. I drove to Photo Nett at Belle Etoile Mall where it only took 20 minutes to get my photos. The photos cost €14.

Now that I had all my paperwork I downloaded the Demande en obtention d’un permis de conduire (application form), which is available in French and German. This outlines all of the paperwork you need. I went to the SNCA in Sandweiler the next day. Here you take a ticket and wait your turn. I only had to wait around 20 minutes. I gave them all the paperwork and purchased the Timbre de Chancellerie (tax and admin fee) for €33.

Less than a week later I received a letter stating that my license was ready for pick-up. Since it was a busy summer for me I waited until the kids were back in school. It took two minutes to get my new Luxembourg license today. The grand total for my new license was €160.

Here is a list of documents you need:

  • health certificate from your doctor in Luxembourg, which is no more than three months old
  • affidavit from your Embassy
  • certified copy of the front and back of your current driver’s license, (if this is not in French, German or English you must have it legally translated before applying)
  • certificate of residency, less than one month old (Bierger-Center or your commune)
  • passport picture (45/35mm)
  • Photocopy of your passport of Luxembourg ID
  • your police record of good conduct from Cité Judiciaire
  • driver’s license request form Demande en obtention d’un permis de conduire
  • tax stamp (timbre de chancellerie), available at SNCA when you apply

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