Lunchtime in Luxembourg

The sun will come out tomorrow!


After weeks of rain, the sun finally came out Today. And what do Luxembourgers do when the sun comes out? They go outside. They come out it droves. Why? Because these rays of light rarely come out over the winter or spring. And, when they do, everyone goes out and soaks up the sun.

So today as I took my first really nice, sunny day walk this spring I enjoyed seeing how people in Luxembourg enjoy the great outdoors and everything it has to offer. In America, despite living in areas that were quite outdoorsy places, I noticed that people didn’t really leave the office let alone their desks for lunch. Here in Luxembourg people take their one-hour lunch and then take a leisurely walk through the streets or parks near their office. You know it is noon because everyone takes their lunch at exactly noon. Oftentimes lunch lasts up to two, relaxed, non-frenetic hours.

I live in the Southwest edge of the city in Cessange, where you see huge cranes building a new mall, alongside meadows and farmland. My street in particular is very busy on nice days with people strolling, talking and smiling.  Yes, I said actually talking and smiling. Unlike Americans, people here can actually put down their phones long enough to take a walk, catch up with colleagues and friends while also soaking up the sun.


This is why days like today make me really appreciate the way Europeans actually take time to eat their lunch, have a walk and talk to friends. This relaxed attitude is why I came to Europe. Now if only we could share it with the rest of the world – yes you America.



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