Greener Pastures in Luxembourg

Socially Active in Luxembourg


It’s hard to believe that I have been in Luxembourg more than two and a half years already. While many people think it is hard to move to a new country and feel at home and get involved, that is not true for me. I love Luxembourg and all the people I have met here. What I like most is that people are from all over the world, very kind and open. I have yet to have a bad experience with people I have met. And let me tell you, or as my close friends will say (you know who you are K and A), “Natalie makes friends with everyone she meets.”

Since I am a very “social” person I meet someone new almost every day and I am very involved in community events and volunteer with a number of groups. This weekend I have volunteered, as an executive committee board member for Democrats Abroad Luxembourg, to host the Women’s March Luxembourg at my house. We will meet at my house at the edge of the city, discuss issues and then stroll through the walking routes and fields near my house. I know this seems like a grand endeavor, but it will be very fulfilling and it will bring together like-minded women and men to discuss the issues of today.

I am not doing this alone, along with Democrats Abroad Luxembourg we have the Women’s March Luxembourg, which was very popular last year, as well as other groups in Luxembourg that are participating. I recently made a connection with CID | Fraen an Gender, for all those who are interested in feminism, gender issues, equality between women and men and who refuse stereotypical roles attributed by gender.  We are lucky enough to have socially active members and volunteers to gather people together for this Women’s March and Solidarity Stroll to address the issues of today.  Thank you for everyone’s help and passion to get this out to our members, Luxembourg residents and in the local media. I can only hope that we have better weather than we have over the last month. Sunshine or at least no rain and wind please!

I cannot live in such an international and vibrant city as Luxembourg and not be involved. I look for new opportunities every day. I was lucky to meet a wonderful group of women last weekend for a Woman’s Healing Circle. These are the types of people I like to meet and build lasting relationships with.

I am also very active with the American Women’s Club of Luxembourg, which is actually a very international women’s club. I am the communications director on the executive board and enjoy putting together the monthly newsletter as well as taking care of the website and FB page. They are such a lovely group of ladies.

I also started volunteering with the World Peace Forum last summer for the annual Luxembourg Peace Prize that awards world peace makers. I met some very wonderful people from around the world and look forward to this year’s event on June 22, 2018. The Schengen Peace Foundation was initiated in 2005 as a not-for-profit charity approved by His Royal Highness Henri the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.  The Foundation contributes to the construction of a more peaceful world by promoting peace, tolerance and understanding through multicultural dialogue with the help of discussions, publications, exhibits and workshops, internet platforms, encounters, exchange and education programs as well as studies about peace.

I was lucky to be part of the GAYMAT, the Luxembourg LGBT Pride Event in July.

This is a short list of the social activities I participated in over the last year. Let’s see what new opportunities come my way in 2018.