Greener Pastures in Luxembourg

It’s Been Quite the Morning


It’s just after 1:30 in the afternoon and I have already had quite the morning. It started with driving Luca to school, as his Friday classes start an hour later. Afterward I decided to stop by a friend’s expat store, Home from Home, in Strassen to chat and ask for a favor. When I arrived there was a television crew from RTL Luxembourg set up and they asked if they could film me and ask a few questions. It’s not like I could say no. And definitely not in Luxembourgish since I haven’t learned the language yet. Actually they were quite nice and did speak English. So I walked around the store and chatted with John and Mark the owners and did the shots and the interview. I am hoping the footage turns out well. I wasn’t exactly dressed for it.

Now to ask the favor. My daughter, who has two more years of secondary school, currently 10th grade in the US, must do an internship at the end of the school year as part of the curriculum. Yes, I said internship. She wanted to work with a local veterinarian but cannot for insurance reasons. She also would have loved to work in a pet sanctuary. But, in Luxembourg you cannot do volunteer work in these environments until you are 18. So, why not ask a friend if she can work in their store. Of course Mark and John were very nice and agreed that she can work in the store at the end of June. We chatted more about the schools in Luxembourg, our kids and how well their store is doing and possible new ideas. I went on my way thankful that they will let Juliana do her internship at their store. They are such great guys.

So, then I returned home to quickly study a little bit of French before my tutoring session in France. I am studying my French, somewhat intensively, to prepare for a French language nationality exam the second week of March, just over two weeks from now. As I drove the half hour to Haute-Kontz in France I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and the rolling hills and countryside of the Moselle valley. It is breathtaking, except for the nuclear power plant billowing steam not far away. It has been quite nippy lately or just a little chilly for me but freezing cold for almost everyone else. When you have Minnesota blood it is just chilly when it’s around freezing or a little below. But at least we have the sunshine after months of rain and looming clouds.

We had a very nice tutoring session and I drove back through the country roads to Mondorf. I had noticed a kiosk before but today I had to stop. There was a fresh baguette kiosk just outside Le Bureau de Marie (Town Hall/ Mayor’s Office). For just one euro a fresh, warm baguette pops out of the kiosk. I had to get two of course. As I was backing out of my parking spot, I turned around and just in time stopped as I almost hit a woman walking through the parking lot. She tapped the back window at the last second. I was mortified. I thought, “Did I just hit that woman with my car.” I jumped out the car and asked her if she was OK in French. I had to practice my French and especially since we were still in France (the border was only 100 meters away). She was in fact just fine and she smiled. I have to say that adrenaline surge lasted for at least another 20 minutes as I made my way back home.

Now it’s time to make lunch, study more French, get ready for a Skype French lesson and clean up the house. Oh, that’s right, little Nipper decided to help out with putting the dishes away.

So that was my morning in Luxembourg. There is always some new adventure just around the corner. Although next time I will pay more attention when I back out of a parking spot.